Any European cryptonators out here ? would love to hear from ya!


Ya i received it a month ago :slight_smile:


France …
for gains is reported in income tax under

BNC : bénéfices non commerciaux ( non commercial gains) value below 33 200 € without reducing tax
34% tax …

for anything above is under
BIC : Bénéfices Industriels et Commerciaux, you must register as a business ( micro-entrepreneur)
30% tax from half of your gains ( 10 000 € gains, 5000€ is in your pocket, the other 5000 € is taxable 30% 1500€)
possible some fee to pay to become micro-entrepreneur (annually)


That doesn’t sound bad to me


:denmark: representing Copenhagen, Denmark :denmark:

New to the crypto world. Only been at it for 2 weeks, but sucking up everything I can. Already invested in mining, long term HODL’ing and doing some trading. Currently working on learning doing technical analytics and reading the trend swings for short term profit.


Hi, I’m from the UK. I bought just a little over 1 bitcoin in January 2013 and left it alone. it grabbed my attention when it reached $1000 (but then pulled back down to $200). The it reached $3000-$4000 (then another pull down).

Let’s just say it’s really gotten my attention now!


Did you receive any communication that it was cancelled on Jan 5th, 2018?


How are the Europeans holding up ? I’m still in the green.


Ciao! Dove in Italia?


Oh yes Italian government will catch up soon when they see they can make money.