Any European cryptonators out here ? would love to hear from ya!


from the netherlands aswell :smiley:


Hi guys, I’m from Czech Republic. Any Czechs or Slovaks here?


I live in Stockholm. Bought a couple of Bitcoins and Litecoins back in 2013, then forgot about it. Got back into cryptocurrencies recently and I have invested more in BTC as well as ETC and OMG.

In sweden you must pay tax on any earnings made on cryptocurrency. I have no idea how to circumvent this. Appreciate any advice. Does anybody know if there are countries in EU that don´t tax crypto?


I’m from Serbia. I can say that we are in great position regarding to censorship. Torrent sites aren’t blocked, nobody ever got punished for using them. Taxman isn’t aggressive. Big exchanges like poloniex and bittrex work without VPN. GDEX is not supported (can’t trade) . If you want to live in decent 2nd world country and use/trade crypto, come :smiley: .


Hi there, I am also from the Netherlands… cryptoaddict now for 7 weeks. I hope we all get to the moon. I have Neo Omg and Lisk.


@peter made a video explaining this trick literally on the same day.


:poland: Poland :slight_smile:


Greetings from the netherlands. to the moonn!!!


Another dutchman passing through !


so manny dutch ppl here, love it


I am not from UK (yet:) so also interested in this topic as plan to move to London soon ) but so far was using kraken, they closed gbp markets lately though plus whenever sth interesting was going on with crypto they were down… I would try local bitcoins or atms (they have 5-10% fees though, and not sure about London but even while i was in Tokyo they were usually out of cash). Have you checked any from here?:


I think everywhere you will need to pay tax from income. So if you put 10k fiat into exchange and withdraw 15k you will need to tax 5k. Some governments are struggling to regulate it though and rather tought to say what will happen…Especially in strange countries like mine Poland:smiley:


Crypto in the Uk is tax exempt :slight_smile:


Hi, Dzień dobry. Im from The Netherlands but have a bit Polish blood because my grandma was Polish. Cheers! Na zdrowie


Hi. I am from France.
Don’t know anyone excited about crypto around me.
There is a small amount of French blogs and news on crypto here. To really be up to date, I consume all my crypto content from US. Crypto’s pace is very intense.

I buy using fiat from Coinbase as we don’t pay fees from Sepa transfers to their account on Estonia.

You also don’t pay fees buying your bitcoin if you take them to gdax and buy it using limit orders (post only so you are not a taker).

The only fee you will pay is the transfer to bittrex to buy Alts or to your cold hd wallet.

As Europe legislations take very long to be applied, crypto holders, in my opinion, should only declare the fiat (profits) that they cash in, if they do so. No need for now to declare your crypto.

If you have some thoughts on this matter, please share it…

I invest on

Bitcoin - the mothership

Ark - the promising one

XRP - I am not romantic or idealist about crypto, I just want my financial freedom. If those guys win some how, they will have to share it with me.

Litecoin - stable and fast. It would be nice to store value on bitcoin and pay with light coin through a block chain bridge.

I don’t really invest on ETH for now, I don’t know how to explain you but I don’t have a good feeling about it r any ERC20tkens. I believe that real original projects will fill the smart contract future.

When I few like playing around on trading… Like trying to turn 400 dollars into 1000 cause I don’t have any extra money to invest on that bitcoin, I take that small amont and I play with the nice guys from pirates of bittrex on telegram: (attention! You are responsible for the risks you take). I only trade what I am confortable on loosing completely. Be mentally prepared and Don’t do it frequently… your family life can get complicated.

I look for a simple and good life, lived out of auto pilot and constant immediate gratification mode…
I seek financial freedom to be able to make my own life without depending on others…

What about you guys?


I am an art director (advertising and digital publishing)

Side hustles:
I own the minimalist t-shirts Shop

On my shop’s Instagram I share quotes from people that inspire me and that help me stay focused on what is important.

I also decided to make a test with some minimalist crypto lifestyle merch on a brand new Etsy shop (Bitcoin T-shirts) I’ve just created. (Gotta find a way to invest on that bitcoin :smile: )
But I only create what I would wear.

Take care and continue to hodl that bitcoin!


Sweden,Stockholm dduude!!


I am also a noob, from Ireland but in the UK most of the time


Ahoj, vitaj :smiley:


Did you get it eventually?


Hi guys! just found this section. writing from Italy-Rome but I also live in LA
I was wondering if anyone has advices about taxation here, I don’t know anything about it