Any European cryptonators out here ? would love to hear from ya!


hi mate, im from UK too, love this crypto stuff, your saying is like mine, the best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago - the next best time is today!.. well not really mine i heard it on you tube somewhere but i like it, hope your having fun and making ££££££££££££££££


meet up yeah!!! what laugh that would be, please make it ENGLAND!!!
Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham ( well not birmingham its a shit hole)
Liverpool we can go on the Beatles tour or somthing, get pissed in the Cavern Club
do it do it

lol good idea tho


we should all invest £3000 - £5000 or somthing and open a crypto pay only pub in London. hahaha its daft enough it just might work


Nice to see, I’m not the only representative from Czech Republic :slight_smile:
Hello from Prague.


Ya, the old lady needs some makeup!


tbh, I’m not really familiar with this Mothership project. And as such don’t have anything to say. I will most likely look into it, but on inital impressions, I am not entirely sure how they’re going to accomplish everything they’ve planned. The whitepaper was rather vague.


Greetings from Norway! Anyone know if Bittrex works for European customers? It’s not letting me register. Any other good sites to trade alt coins?


Greeetings from Slovakia!! Forget about Taxes, we are the Cryptonation, no taxes here :smiley:

(Just in case, there are taxes, I will pay them… sure… why not?? don’t judge me… please… I don’t want to go to the jail… honey? is someone knocking on the door? … NO … NOOOOOOO :smiley: )


yo yo yo from Poland!


Been to Prague last August and totally fell in love with this beautiful city! :heart:


Bittrex works fine from Germany.
I found this article on steem, where another guy from Norway is facing issues with Bittrex.
It seems he was able to create an account but it was disabled.
You may want to reach out to him to find out more.


Hey Mate! a Dutchman living in Norway here. Bittrex is working just fine for me! Did you do the verification?


yoooooooo, whats up cryptonation. Im from denmark and god bless that our government dont tax crypto :smile:


I’m from Scotland, UK. Got into the Crypto game with help from a couple of my American friends a few months back. They advised me to buy some bitcoin so I invested £200 when it was at £1500 (Could of got in when a full one cost 700£) A couple months later my 200 doubled to 400 and after seeing the returns It had me hooked. I invested that 400 into Bittrex and bought a couple NEO/OMG As I think they’re the long term coins that are going to significantly increase. I’m also about to invest a larger chunk of my money into BTC and HODLIN that for my ticket to the moon when it gets to 100k :stuck_out_tongue: I’m going to be investing in a lot of ICO start ups in the upcoming future as I feel like a few of them are going to be gold mines.



MrFrogman here from Norway:slight_smile:
Well living in norway but im from Sweden.


Hello everybody.

I’d love to hear from any Brits on here on how they get their FIAT into crypto. Can’t seem to find a way that doesn’t cost an arm and leg in fees and currency conversion costs.

Any suggestions much appreciated.


Unfortunately you just have to pay the fee. I use coinbase which is 3%. To make yourself feel better when you’ve payed the fee and have bitcoin sitting there the next time it jumps you’ll have made back your fee and then some :+1:


Thanks for the reply. There is a way to avoid the coinbase fee though, see this video.


This doesn’t work with a UK debit/credit card, only a SEPA transfer


We have an etailer that has ATMs in it’s showrooms and only charges 2% fee. There are also many Bitcoin ATMs throughout the city, but have usually worse rates.