Any European cryptonators out here ? would love to hear from ya!


I use paper wallet plus exodus myself. Considering any trezor…

By the way from Sweden :slight_smile:


Hello, Luxembourg here :nerd_face:


First Slovenian here who will step on the Moon


hey guys, Saluti from italy.


Hello from Croatia :rocket:


Ah, nog een Nederlander


To get bitcoin from fiat I opened a Kraken exchange account, since the first atm is almost 2 hours away and charges 8% fee.

Do you guys have better way to get into the cryptoworld in your country?


I’m from Italy too (saluti da Bergamo), and I also bought on Kraken, but I think that Coinbase may have less fees if you use the Gdax “trick”… I’m playing with very little money, so fees are eating me out.


Hi from Germany! As an Estonian, do you have some insights or an opinion on Mothership?


Hello neighbor! Greetings from Germany.


I’m not happy about the fees either, i was contemplating about the coinbase/gdax trick, mainly are the withdraw fees on kraken (0.001 btc) seems eccessive.

Also don’t forget to say hi in the italian section.:wink:


what Italian section?


Hi! I am from Czech. I claim only what I spend and its showing in bank account as the rest is changing all the time and its " not real ". Ordered also anonymous credit card so let see how all goes. Soon I will meet up with my tax guy to talk about this in more depth. To the MOOOOOOON <3


I am a German living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I got in the crypto business after I met a group of crypto gurus from Bali in Sri Lanka. I jumped in at the 2nd of August and it came out that I really have a lucky hand with more then 200 % profit. :smiley:

Since then I am reading and watching around the clock the crypto market.

THE GOOD THING: In Denmark is Crypto Profit Tax free (so far)!

I also gonna order the TenX- Card to spend some of my profits :slight_smile: Goal is midterm to get a 50 k profit out of a 2 k investment. #moonshot



Nice man!
Im also from Germany.
Invested in few altcoins and in one ICO.


Na cool! :slight_smile:

so no bitcoins? :slight_smile: My portfolio: 50 % Neo; 25 % BTC; 20 % OMG; 2 % PAY; 2 % LTC; 0,5 % CVC; 0,5% XEM


mmmhhh i’m interested in the anonymous credit card, also the tax dilemma is pretty complicated here too.


I did some research at the beginning and it seems that in Italy Cryptos are not taxable, and are treated as a foreign currency… The problem is that this is a new thing, and the government has to catch up yet


Greetings from Denmark. Here bitcoin is considered a currency and therefore the are no taxes on profits. Lets hope it stays like that :sunglasses: