Any European cryptonators out here ? would love to hear from ya!


Norway here m8! :grinning:


Thanks alot for the info! government is always on the lookout to find ways to make money, hopefully they are not going to be too intrusive.


croatia dogeeeeeeeeeee


It always depends on how informed the legislators are: if they plan to legislate cryptos, they’d better get their informations right, or else it is going to end up like UK, with all their fear about anything internet-related.


Im from Denmark! Got 2 BTC so and hoping im able to get some nice gains from NEO. Gotta get me an extra large seat on the spaceship to the moon!


Greetings from London, UK.
Total noob to the game, getting started mining was easy but trading on the other hand, seems like a totally different beast.
Hope to count on everyone support


Hi (Noob) from Ireland anyone else from Ireland here ?


Hi from Croatia! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Nl Here too. just joined a week ago or so. Great place to be! constantly on here… very good forum also technically works great on the smartphone. Groeten uit Amsterdam :grin:


Man. As our European brothers and sisters of the cryptonation grows… we will definitely need to do a European tour… or conference!


Yes, that would be awesome!!!


YES, please!
EU is in such turmoil at the moment due to Brexit, that a career in crypto currencies is super enticing.


Hey there from Spain (Not spanish tho :p)

Getting tickets to the moon for some months already, hope anyone of them is the right one and we all go to the moon together :smiley:


Anyone from Poland?

cheers from Upper Silesia!


Hallo from Norway! :smiley:


Hey there from Portugal (Not Portuguese tho :p) I’m sensing another expat ? :slight_smile: am i wrong.

& hey to all yall Europeans ! :slight_smile: Please don’t hate on me for “Brexit” lolz I’m European 100% European & I’ll never leave Portugal ! Love it here.

Ref OP & tax, maybe somebody has already answered?, to many posts to read all - it will be different depending on your location & only applies once you turn your crypto back into fiat and it hits your bank account, at that point you have to think about tax, only take advice from a professional accountant who understands crypto, that will be hard I know :slight_smile: but it is my best advice.

I guess it depends how much you’ve made? you can always sell smaller amounts of bitcoin for hard cash on localbitcoin website but again meeting a stranger or using paypal has risks & I would be very cautious. I cannot offer anything more I don’t think, it is something that I must check further into, I got as far as “turn your crypto back into fiat and it hits your bank account” at this point I realized I don’t have any intention of moving it to a bank account but if I do I’ll seek professional advice and services should the need arise.


Yeah dude wow, the censorship is crazy, made out it was to stop child porn in the press but they have pritty much just used to to shut down pirate sites and other organisations that don’t tow the government line, being British myself I find this embarrassing, I never thought I’d say the UK and China would be mentioned together in the same sentence as censorship but there’s the great firewall of china and now the firewall of the UK, saddens me that the free internet is slowly being censored.

I’m glad I moved in 2006, love it out here in Europe. although censorship is here too in Portugal, lots of the pirate sites are blocked but luckily its only at DNS level and very easy to bypass not like the UK now you pritty much need a VPN for unrestricted internet access.


I’d support that !:grinning:


Greetings from the Netherlands!


meetup!! all for it! :pray: