Any European cryptonators out here ? would love to hear from ya!


Hey i’m looking for some EU based people here, i’m from the Netherlands myself. I would love to hear your story’s and your goals ! Also if you have some tips for BTC use in the EU (Tax etc…) i would love to hear 'em !



Hi I´m from Germany just new to the game any advise will be apreciated :slight_smile:




Also living in Germany,
Only been active a couple of months. Getting into crypto big time now and really excited to see what this space has to offer.


Hi, I’m also from Germany. Started investing small about a week ago. Currently learning how the Markets work. We will see where the journey is going. :slight_smile:


Hi from Germany too and started 1 week ago :slight_smile:


Hi from Belgium. Started 2 weeks ago.


I’m from the Netherlands and a real Newbie in the cryptoworld :sunglasses:


I’m from germany too
Check out my profile


It’s great to hear from you guys, do you have any advice for buying bitcoin now ?


UK here, lost all faith in the banks with their 0.1% savings accounts, I though the risk is worth it :slight_smile:

Currently sat on 1/3 of a bitcoin, a few ethereum and lots of litecoin.


These best time to buy was yesterday, the second best time to buy is today :wink:


Haha, even in some eastern EU countries you have a negative interest rate ! how absurd !


From Belgium here, been in crypto for 2 weeks now and it’s very addictive to be honest, watching video’s & reading articles every day, really interesting stuff! Made 2000€ profits from my investements in Bitcoin, Neo and PAY (TenX). My moongoal is having a very nice portfolio with the right investments and good profits to build my own house, together with my girlfriend without having any debts. Still a long way from that but with my profits so far in 2 weeks, it could be manageable. Good to hear my neighbours are getting into crypto aswell, good luck guys!


Just remember there is always a chance to lose it all, i’m not saying not to invest in crypto, but always have a plan B for when BTC or other alt coins become worthless.


Only invest what you can afford, your investments will probably bomb out at some point as well as going up, keep taking the heart medication and HODL :slight_smile:


From Estonia here :slight_smile:
Started investing into crypto mostly this month. Got my hands on some NEO when it was around $10, now HODL :smiley:


Belgium right here! started few months ago!


Oh hello fellow Europeans, Swiss here.

A question for you guys, can you buy cold storage wallets like ledger nano s etc. where you at?
I have never seen them here, and they seem to be sold out online most of the time.


I’m looking at atm. I’m thinking of buying one next month. From their webpage there doesn’t seem to be issues with supply, though maybe it’s just not showing that.