Any advice on how I can influence bitcoin and crypto in my local area


Let’s see, I’m from a very rural part in Texas known as the RGV. I’m very dedicated into influencing people and educating people about bitcoin, blockchain technology, and crypto in general.
I’m familiar with bitcoin and blockchain meetups becoming as popular in northern parts of Texas such as Austin etc. but I would really like to make an impact in my local area and hopefully be able to meet people in the same boat as me.
So far my past motives have been in starting up a Facebook and twitter page where I can acquire a good domain name. My last few actions revolve around me contacting people through twitter and finding tweets related and asking if they still keep up with crypto to this date. I’ve fortunately have spoke to a few people and hope to one day meet them and maybe find new friends along the way who have the same interest, but still stuck up to this point as to what other actions I can do. Should I maybe create a website, pass out flyers, make banners, advertise?
I’m currently stuck at this crossroads and I am unsure as to how I can approach this challenge on my own.
Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
I would also like to post a link to the twitter account to publicize, thank you


So, I think if you wanna help people in the bitcoin space, have influence on them this is good place to do it.

I don’t know how about Texas, but here in The Pub you could involve and help in this community.


Talk about it with people. Just the other day I brought it up in the Barbershop, and people listen. You can always tell when everyone else gets quiet lol


Probably a lot of DIY self-sufficient types who are already into gold and silver as alternate currencies. Maybe tap into that?


As mentioned above just talking about it is helpful.
Have you tried connecting with a non-crypto meetup or coworking space?

In 2014 when I was running a coworking space in a really small town we had an issue with our power bill skyrocketing one month. Long story short the new guy in the coworking space was mining 24/7 in the building b/c paying $100/mo for a desk was cheaper than his power at home.
Anyway - that led to us just asking him more about what he was doing and why - eventually that led to him hosting a breakfast meetup for anyone in town who wanted to learn more (literally no one else in town knew about it).
That led to a handful of people learning about it and eventually building a small (10-12) group of people who would chat about it casually - nothing too formal.

Today I am sure that there are many people that small town who know about it. It all started with some guy renting a cheap coworking desk :slight_smile:


All of your ideas are great, man! Now, it is time to execute :slight_smile: Just do it! :smiley: Make it part of your blockchain designed lifestyle. I would recommend completing the B90x program here, inviting other people here for education and community, plus keep the ball rolling in your own style.


That’s good idea.However, IMO crypto market needs more innovative projects. I thing that soon we will see alt coins with rock stable rate independent from BTC. There is already Nebula Network - decentralized storage cloud with emission mechanism tied to the supply (in form of computational power and disc space). Thanks of solid backing it’s rock stable. May it be a solution for investor fears? People are worried to put their money in something unstable.