Antminer Purchase


I dont have enough in BTC to buy one.

And id have to sell off coins at a loss to buy an antminer, which im not willing to do.


Finally, was able get D3’s!!


Tonight… More batches of L3 and D3 go on sales


I’m selling a Antminer D3 19.3G and power supply for $1000. Send me a PM if you are interested.



I brought 4 Miner form this website and got it delived in 8 days


Hihi cryptonation! I’ve been mining coins since June 2017. All Bitmain asic’s. I’m wanting to scale up my operation in a big way. My concern at the moment is timing. Do you think I should purchase additional s9’s and L3+'s or do you think new tech with more hash is on the horizon. Let me know your thoughts, thanks everyone!