Antminer Purchase


gpu mining is gna be hard to get an roi, way longer than the bitmains. the d3 is something like 700 graphic cards of power?

the l3+ makes about $30 a day, you will need 15 x 1070 graphic cards to make the same. simple math?

bitmains are only $1500, how much for 15 x 1070 cards?

starting a gpu farm is a bad idea, imo. Easier? yes because of the supply chain.

Bitmains can be put on any pool you want, just fyi.

Also, those that are saying dont buy bitmain because of the difficulty adjustments keep in mind, they also get adjusted on gpu mining so that point is mute. As long as the price of what you are mining goes up it is all good, if it goes down, the first miners to jump ship due to profit margins will be gpu miners.


Yes, the other coins will have difficulty adjustments too, but the fact that you have more versatility with GPU miners is there reason why I believe GPU mining is the way to go. With the ASIC miners your locked into one coin. The ROI period is much shorter, I agree, but those ASIC miners are louder and burn out fast. If you get one, GREAT, set us straight and keep us updated on your progress over 6 months.


Who says I dont have one? :slight_smile:

Not sure why you think you are locked into one coin?

sorry i thought we were talking about roi?

How long does it take to get a roi on a $3100 gpu miner running say 6 1070’s?

How about running one l3+ at say @ $1500

they dont burn out fast, not sure where you heard that. GPU’s will burn out as well if there isnt sufficient cooling and air flow,

I agree about the noise, but it can reduced if you are creative. Youtube has some great ideas on sound proofing that are cheap and work great.

I didnt say gpu’s wont get you a roi, but it will take a year, compared to a bitmain that would take 3-4 months. And once eth starts to do proof of stake it will be even harder on gpu. Bitmains are designed to mine, that is all they are made for. Plus if we all have a Bitcoin miner we could protect the mother ship :slight_smile:

I have been in both boats. you should grab a bitmain and test it. There are some d3’s going up tonight I think at 4am central time. Just be sure to make a account prior and be logged in, it will increase your odds on getting one. If you have any questions about getting one let me know I would be glad to share whatever I can. It does the work of 700 graphic cards or something crazy like that.

my 2 satoshis worth…


My friend has bought an ASIC miner about 6 months ago. He got his ROI plus 1 month before the chip blistered. Could have just been a fluke but it’s a lot easier to get a hold of ASUS or MSI than it is to get a hold of Bitmain to cash in that warranty.

Never said you didn’t have one. I’m just saying that if you do have one, keep us posted on profitability over the next 6 months. I’m curious to know how profitability goes with over 40,000 of the D3’s going to market. People who have posted above said that if you don’t get in on an early purchase, say December delivery, you will be hard pressed to make ROI.


We will have to agree to disagree, but I still love ya :slight_smile:

Easier to get, I agree. More profitable, I disagree.

The same is going to happen as 40,000 gpu are added as well, that point is mute. In fact the new bitmains will make it even worse for the gpu’s just because of the power of the units, you have to admit that is insane power? Also profits are super related to the price of the coin, so it is all risky lol

Once eth goes to proof of stake, what do you think will happen to all the other eth based coins? I am not sure myself but I dont see it being good for gpu mining?

Lastly, you can get 2 bitmains for the same price as a 6 pack gpu miner, so even if one fails you are still up

my 2 satoshis worth…


We love you too and we are glad you are here. Again, please keep us all updated on the profitability and whether or not you are on track to get your ROI in the period you expected. Because of the fluctuation of the price of BTC I would say compare your ROI in terms of bitcoin.

$1500 towards the ASIC miner is 0.37 BTC (BTC = $4060 at the time of this post)

So you would be looking to make 0.37 BTC in X amount of days based on the information posted about the rig. Start a new topic and lets track it together!


Official Antminer warranty are 30 days. Given that one has to maintain the hardware and pay for the electricity bills.
Would Cloud mining be more profitable?


roi on the calcs i posted are very close, so yes the roi is very accurate, shocking at times actually.

I have been in both boats, gpu mining is good but the numbers dont lie, they dont even come close to bitmain machines.

It is hard to ignore the numbers. All things in mining are kinda even, Yes there are tons of l3+ units, but there are also tons of gpu mining rigs, both types are gradually increasing steadily and going online to mine, its not like no one is making a gpu mining rig anymore, every gamer is mining when he is at school. I dont see how 1/2 the hashing power for twice the price is a good thing?

How do you find the roi on your gpu rig vs what you paid for it? You would of spent prob 0.75 btc on your rig? Can I ask how many days till you break even?

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Check out this topic if you are considering Cloud mining.


I’ll do a separate topic on ROI. I don’t want to clog this topic with all of the data. Basically we have bounced all around on our expected ROI. Started at around 290 days, then jumped to over 365 days, and then down to 120 days. I’m not sure where we are currently but as the difficulties change, so does our ROI.


Do some r&d and examine the data first hand. Make an account prior, be logged in and be ready right when they go on sale. Grab one and see how it compares to the gpu rigs, it is only $1500 compared to $3100 so a small risk in comparison to what you pay now. If you dont like it I am sure you can sell it here no prob. But I have the feeling you will love it, it is basically plug and play and profits :slight_smile:


Thank you for repost it wpgsteve.


spoke to @peter and its a go to do some R&D on this. However, i think we missed the buying period.


no you didnt. you are still on time.


it is tonight, just go to bitmain and make an account. Also, follow bitmain on twitter. There is a batch tonight, read the tweet that Michbort posted (and I re-posted) and check the time, the thing is you have to be fast, they will sell 10,000 units in 10 minutes. be logged in and have your account completely setup, your email may bounce the mails from china so have a gmail account ready to confirm the account just incase. Order 1 see how you like it, if you love it remember who pushed it on you, and if you hate it then it was peters idea… :neutral_face:

my 2 satoshis worth…


You’re too funny. If only I had the funds to test this out. I am very curious to see the ROI on these as the batches continue to come out. I am one of those that doesn’t want to go the GPU route as space is the deciding factor for me.


They are small (the antminers), but they do A LOT of noise, I mean A LOT!..


I’m really curious about the results. I was close to using Bitmain in my mining rigs and went with gpus instead. Started mining on 4/11/17 and have received 22 ETH. GPU prices were low when I got started, so I’ve definitely recouped my investment. They are still churning out $600-700/month.


There are a few things you arent considering:

  1. antminers can only do 1 coin/algorithm. GPU’s can mine anything. so if Ethereum difficulty become unprofitable you could move to any coin/algorithm. if a new coin went POW you could mine it with GPU’s but not your antminer.

  2. GPU’s still have considerable value once they stop mining. typical resale value for a GPU is going to be 25-65% of retail value. Which helps get your ROI back. resale value of antminers is next to nothing once they arent profitable

  3. Redundancy. if you have an antminer and it fails, or is DoA, or the fan goes, or it needs be RMA’d your mining comes to a complete halt and you may need to wait a month or two for bitmain to send a replacment. if you are GPU mining and 1 card fails you can still mine with your other cards AND since they are more mass produced and often times domestic you can sometimes get a replacement in a few days.

  4. The difficulty spikes on ASIC mined coins have a more parabolic arch then GPU mined coins. the “peak” and “ideal” difficulties for ASIC mined coins is 3-9 months where as with GPU mined coins its closer to 9-18 months. so while the profits for ASIC mined coins is MUCH higher per month, the window is a big smaller.

Now this doesnt mean that GPU mining > ASIC mining… but there are instances where that is true based on the above factors. if you get an early batch antminer at cost direct from bitmain you are looking at 3-6X on your investment. if you get a late batch or pay a premium on the secondary market you may not get much more then ROI.

With GPU your initial investment is higher, your profits are probably closer to 2-3X and it will take you much longer to reach ROI. But your risk is much lower with the hardware redundancy and resale value.

if you can get multiple antminers in one of the first 2 batches got hat route. if not GPU mining looks better and better.


id strongly suggest against the 6th batch D3’s… DASH difficulty has already seen an INASANE increase and thats with just batch 1 minng for 30 days or so. i wouldnt get anything after the november batch unless you just plan to sell it at a markup for profit