*ANNOUNCEMENT* TheBitcoinPub Mining Pool


Did it get go down earlier? Mine got kicked off?


No it hasn’t gone down. We noticed you dropped off but I figured you were messing with something. I didn’t want to call you out for leaving the pool.


No. I don’t know what happened, and I wasn’t paying attention. I’ll get it running again.


I have a few rigs sitting around I’ll point them to your pool in a few hours.


Yes, please do this. I’m new to all this and too overwhelmed and ignorant to face into rigs just yet. But to be a part of it in some way, that would be great, and a confidence building stepping stone.


I did this video last night showing people how to setup AIOminer and connect to our pool. Probably the easiest miner to setup.


Dont work for me the video


try opening in youtube


Now it works in youtube ty m8


Went to install AIOminer and BitDefender flagged it for gen:variant msilperseus.144403 trojan. Windows Defender picked this up as well. Anyone else have an issue with this? I saw another person posted on Reddit about this, but their post never received a response.


@Matchu, I am also running Defender and did not receive this error. I know you don’t know me but if it helps ease your concerns I personally know the developer (we have worked together at the same company for two years) and he’s a standup guy. He would never knowingly distribute malware.


Thanks @tedward. I didn’t think it was anything g to fret over. I know some of the software associated with mining will signal false positives with a good malware setup. I just wanted to see if anyone else was encountering the same thing. I will be a little surprised if I am the only guy running into this problem. I didn’t do any special configuration on my Bitdefender. It’s set at default configuration


So I ended up needing to uninstall Bitdefender 2018 completely in order to get the AIO miner running on my laptop, but I was able to get it to work. Not contributing much at the moment, but I wanted to get a taste. Can’t wait to get the rig built. Until then I’m gonna be like this guy! 200w%20(1)



Just remember guys, we are not getting any blocks to mine right now. So if you want to mine somewhere else for the time being, go ahead. I will announce an official launch date in which we will need everyone to go full speed ahead.

Until then guys, keep mining!


I am mining with small asic script miners. slowly upgrading with time. Do you have a script pool?I mine mainly LTC.