*ANNOUNCEMENT* TheBitcoinPub Mining Pool


Cool! Connected and gaining steam.


I set up my wallet but don’t know what to do with the stratum URL…I have 3 1080TIs on WIN 10 to help


Ok I think I got it…


LMAO great minds think alike. Just saw this video and was going to post it here until I saw your post.


awesome!!! i just bought myself 6 rx580 which don’t do well on zencash. I’d love to see an ETH/ETC mining pool or some other Ethash :smiley: ill have about 180Mh/s hashing power to add.


It looks like its about a $3/day difference between mining Ethash and Equihash.

For us to be competitive in the ETH/ETC mining pools, we would 10’s of thousands of miners. We aren’t that big yet. However, if we can gain the support from the pub members, we can build up to bigger pools.


Miner Update


I’m joining in with my gaming PC (1x1080ti) first, once it gets moving I can add my main rig over, just a paltry total of 4.2 ksol/s.


How much hashing power will we need to get a block?


20 Ksol/s should bring us to having enough luck to get a block a day


Ok I only have 2 rigs… So I’ll add my 2nd rig with 3 1080 Tis when we get closer to 20 Ksol/s :pick::pick:


DAMN is 1 rig putting out around 8.84 KSol/s?


I’m throwing everything at it.


Time to add that second rig :slight_smile: with Nathan’s hash power, we are very close to 1 day luck




A man of his word, I like it :+1:


40k would make it more profitable than ETH. It just pays out in bigger chunks less frequently. There’s plenty of hashpower here to hit that.


We can get there for sure.

The developer of AIOminer has added this pool to his program as well. I’ll be doing a live discussion with him tomorrow to talk about this program he has created and what he has in store for the future of this mining program.


Cool. I want to see how the software comes along too.


20Ksol/s, come on!!! lets find a block!!! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: