*ANNOUNCEMENT* TheBitcoinPub Mining Pool


hi @ImaginaryPi what is your youtube channel called?


BiteSizeMining, scroll to the first post on this topic.


XMR doing 4000 H/S with two vega 64s. Would be interested in doing Zcash as well.


Zcash pool is far beyond our capability right now. I can easily create the pool but we don’t have enough miners to even get 1 block a day. For us to do 1% of what flypool is doing. We would need over 3600 GPUs collectively to have a chance at getting a block. ZenCash is a less competitive coin when it comes to pools that we do have enough people to be able to grab blocks daily.


Here it is guys!


Please make your worker name your name on TheBitcoin.Pub so I know who is actively help us out. Much appreciated!


Added my PC card for now to help out until the pool is properly up and running. When we are out of testing can help out more :wink:

My 1060 is putting out about 300 sol right now. Haven’t mined Zen before so not sure how helpful this will be. Let me know.

Good job with the pool man :smile:


Hey @sbg thanks so much. I see you the pool now. Great idea with putting your bitcoin pub user name. I will add that to the list of requests.

Any hash power is appreciated at this time while we try to get a block to mine and make sure the payout works.


No problem man.
How many hash do you think we’ll need to get a block?


We are thinking around 20 Ksol/s. This should get us a block within a few days.

We are also running a mirror of it on TestNet


Ok cool.
I think a lot of people think that you need a full rig to mine now. If we got people in the pub to just use their PC GPU it might be easier and faster getting 20ksol than having people turn their rigs over at the moment and potentially losing revenue.

There is probably a lot of unused hashing power in the PCs of regular pub users.

If you think that’s a good idea you could maybe make a video for people to show them how to do it. I managed to set my PC up with the wallet and software in under 20 mins so I don’t think a lot of people realize they can mine that easily. (IDK maybe they do!) :smile:


Great idea, I will do this. I’ll show everyone how to download and install a ZenCash desktop wallet, and get EWBF setup to mine the pool


My experience with BBT and the HODL pool. Need to look at having a seperate port with a high enough difficulty that NiceHash purchasers can attach to the pool. Not sure the intricate details but 1Kibbles on BBT’s discord could assist you with this.

SMOS - DSTM-v0.5.6 - For my setup I get slightly better hash from DSTM than EWBF
Cut and paste below into your Rig Group
–server us-east-1.hashitmining.com --user (your Zen Address Here).$rigName --pass x --port 3031

I have thrown 1k sol’s on this for your testing purposes


I have my gaming PC connected now. 1 x 1070Ti.

@sbg, you’re absolutely right. My gaming PC with the single 1070Ti with a moderate memory overclock using MSI Afterburner is netting me an average of 500Sol/s. I think the estimate earlier may be a bit generous. According to whattomine.com 1kSol/s should produce just shy of 1 block a week. But running some numbers myself using the current pool luck score is more in line with the earlier estimate. I’m not sure which to go off of TBH.

I think trying to get more people to use the spare cycles on their desktop/gaming rigs is a great idea. There’s a really nice mining application for Windows called AIOMiner (http://aiominer.com) that provides a graphical interface for setting up various coins. It also has a passive mining setting which is geared specifically towards users who want to take advantage of their free cycles to mine coins.


I’ve got a GTX1080 in my gaming machine, but I live in Australia - where electricity prices are retardedly high… I’ll be moving house soon too, but might look at setting it up after that and contribute, if it is actually profitable.


Must be fate telling me something just watched this video on a zencash wallet.


Im in @ImaginaryPi I have 3600~ available to point at the pool for zencash :slight_smile:


Pub members wanted their own pool. Here it is. It’s success will largely be determine by the participation we get from Pub members.


once i get my 3 other GPUs in, I will contribute.


Yo man! The video that has the info is not working for me, could you shoot me the connection info? :slight_smile:


–server us-east-1.hashitmining.com --user (your Zen Address Here).$rigName --pass x --port 3031