Announcement: NEO will airdrop ONT to the community



Are you guys going to HODL Ontology? I just claimed my tokens, they’re not worth much at the moment even after huge volumes of trade on Binance. I’ll keep mine for now, but I’m interested to know if people here in the pub are dumping them or keeping.


I’m keeping my 1,000 ONT. If I had known it listed at $8-$10 on Binance before Huobi did, then I would have sold and bought at around these levels. At this point I would rather DCA than swing trade something I’m willing to hold.


Wow, you must have a few NEO to get 1000 ONT.:wink:


Nope. I just got lucky with signing up for the newsletter subscription :slight_smile: .


Oh. I saw that offer on the web after it happened. Lucky you!!


So I find it interesting the method of adding a scripthash to a wallet to claim airdropped tokens, an example would be the recent $ONT via neon wallet.

What other wallets allow you add scripthashes to claim airdropped tokens. I am sure your erc20 addresses have airdropped tokens, of which you are completely unaware.


I’ve had quite a few different free ERC20 airdrops for a bunch of coins to my MEW wallet for months, most of the tokens i’ve never heard of, the only that I recognize was 500 Tron.


Do you know anything abt the ONT wallet? Im still holding my ONT on Binance. They all ready did the token swap.


Did you ever transfer your ONT to the new wallet? Im trying to find someone who’s knows more than I do abt this, lol…


The ONT I have I got from the first airdrop, that was to my NEO wallet, it’s still there. I believe the airdrop of ONT on Binance can be sent to the ONTO mainnet wallet. I haven’t tried this yet, I think you need to import your NEO WIF Private keys to the ONTO mobile wallet. I’m sure there’s someone else here with better knowledge on the process.


I put my ONT from the first airdrop onto Binance. But that’s as far as I got! I think the 2nd ONT airdrop goes to the ONT wallet, like @seikin said, but I haven’t done this process yet.


Thanks guys. I’ll probably just move it to my Neon wallet and let it sit there until I know what the F is going on.