America, Cananda and Mexico to host the 2026 World Cup!


FIFA have announced America, Canada and Mexico will be hosting the 2026 World Cup!

I’m hoping to move to The states, maybe this could be a good date for me to aim to for :thinking:. One concern I do have though is the travel. North America is a pretty big place to be traveling city to city to watch a game.


I kind of understand why the three had to do a joint bid to be able to win. Both the USA & Mexico having had it already (Mexico twice). What I don’t understand is why Morocco was the only (final) challenger.

Surely it’s time for Australia (perhaps with New Zealand) to get a go?


… also, after Spain’s internal problems., here are some bets for you all to think about.

Belgium, a highly talented team of individuals, seem to be playing as a ‘TEAM’… for the moment. If they can continue that for the next 3/4 weeks, they can go all the way.

They’re a fantastic price at the mo 6/1.

Also, England (who always get the easiest group) have Harry Kane up front… he’s a good outside bet for top scorer at 16/1