AMD RX580's - The best ROI Card - IMHO


Noob here and this is my first post so go easy haha.
Looking to build a mining rig and not sure if the ROI is the correct way to look at this.
The basic data here is direct from itzone’s chart above.
If after 2 years I’m going to be thousands richer from buying the Nvida card then shouldn’t that be the choice assuming the budget will be okay.
Out of the 2 year position (which is net of card purchase) would come Rig build (which presumably is same except for heavier power supply) and power cost; perhaps electricity use is a bit higher but there is another cost that outweighs this and that’s my time and effort.
Just saying I’d want to be the most $ ahead for the investment of my time and energy.Returns
Now to try and find cards … that might be the deciding factor haha!


Here is a video I did on ROI.

It will give you a good perspective of how I view ROI and selection of what kind of rig to build (Nvidia or AMD).


Here is my Heavy modification of Pigsfoots spreadsheet

It now handles international currencies and live updates the exchange rates
Uses live Crypto currency pricing, handles different cryptos so you can check returns on different currencies.
Compares different GPUs and returns on them too.
Allows for varying number of Rigs and cards per rig.
I did it for me but you might easily modify it for yourself if you have a bit of excel up your sleeve, love excel.
Some of the assumptions are not perfect so feel free to share improvements …
I bought 12 cards tonight and will be pretty busy…


I finally picked up some gear to get started! Starting from scratch, new mobo and all. Picked up two XFX rx580s (I still cant really follow all the memory and manufacturer differences…).

I had been planning on cashing out a little in December and buying a whole 6 GPU rig…lol might not have been the worst idea, but at least now im confidant ill be able to get it working after playing around with xmr on my 10year old desktop and fairly modern gaming laptop these past few months.
My dad was building computers around me when I was a child, so its been great to reconnect with myself and reawaken old hobbies…that’s enough profit in itself tbh :slight_smile:

I read a couple guides on here back in november and december, so I am looking forward to revisiting these in the near future and buggin some of you OP’s with equipment in hand :smiley:

figured I start with Ubuntu…

Thanks Pub :+1:


I just thought I would pop in and report on how my 6 gpu rig is going.
I am running 6 x RX580 8GB on claymores 11.5 on windows 10 which I have set to reboot every 24 hours to keep it reliable ish.
Still running at 31.2 at 880w nice and quiet and cold on 1kw psu.
I am getting 0.05 eth every 86 hrs so almost exactly 0.1 a week (there are 168 hrs in a week).
This works out to 5 eth a year so we are still looking pretty good :slight_smile:
I am half way through setting up a second 6 x gpu rig but this time I will use second hand GTX 1070s and 1070Tis.
I’m making similar returns with the nvidia setup on windows lite with DSTM on equihash.
This works out a similar price now that the prices have gone mad and gives me more options especially for resale if the rumors about the bitmain miners are true.


looks like your 6 GPU rig table has typos - I think it should have the AMD GPU names in it. But it has the same Invidia ones as team green above.


You are correct. Someone else pointed that out to me after I made the video. It’s ok though :slight_smile: I think everyone saw the point. They probably see the point more now than then.


thought so - but wanted to make sure, and at least you know someone actually watched it :slight_smile: