All my ripple gone. don't use minimalist ripple client


I used to get a ripple wallet. All of my friends did it and it worked. So I, the computer scientist who trusts technology, made a wallet using this service as well. We sent the 483 ripple to my address. Yesterday I tried to transfer it to binance and saw that the secret key is wrong.

you can see the 1 transaction here:


This minimalist ripple client states that there is a bug when using safari. This should definitely be more accentuated. It is ridiculous. Don’t call if a bug its a HUGE software failure. This needs to be taken off the internet because people are losing a lot of money.


That is Really Quite Terrible. Much more like an Angry hornets Nest than just a bug.


i will help you to recover 483 ripples but if i will be successfull then you have to pay me 50 xrp ?

if you are ok with that please reply


yes i will pay you 50 xrp



Did you ever manage to recover the XRP?

I have the same problem - lost XRP due to a bug and I would also like to recover them.