Adelaide - the lonely lonely


Anyone from adelaide here? Lol


holy shit am i the ONLY one from adelaide… LOL


I think most people from Adelaide would only reply if you called it “Radelaide”. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was in adelaide many many years ago doing orange picking at a place called Waikerie. Have u been there ?
Really enjoyed my time fruit picking and drinking goon. Do the youth still call it goon?
Adelaide was really nice place and enjoyed it throughly :sunglasses:


Oh man too bad need more people in adelaide. If you guys come to where I work I’ll reduce stuff cheap haha hooking up pub


Do they sell goon? Inuvtxw f y ubc


No lol, deli department mate… lol


Stand on the side of the main street with a sign saying “The Bitcoin Pub!”

Bet that will get everyone’s attention :smiley:

Stay Fishy (Sydney land lubber)


Hey trebloc you ever have a crack at goon of fortune?


Drinking game? Goon is strong stuff but the hangover is like nothing else before. I was working with a Irish lad and he never got hangover and he would drink 3 bags of it :joy:


Yeah you tie the bag to a clothesline (aussie hills hoist) and ppl stand around until it stops and lands on them for a drink