Accumulating EOS...have a feeling



Youtube it…


Go to and start reading or go to Steemit and research it, or eos telegram.


I believe until launch it’s erc20


looks like u got a good feeling


Pretty interesting video.
Basically said EOS are accumulating a shit tonne of ETH (up to 10M?) and will use it to drive the price of ETH down while buying EOS and driving the price up…interesting strategy.


EOS a massive cup and handle? I have seen this discussed a bit on YT.


EOS is going to boom, buy buy buy before it really takes off and you will never get it.product launches June 1 but it will be $50 plus by then, 90 dAys to go, feel free to screenshot me and thank me on June 1…


I dunno about going “BOOM” but EOS definitely honoring main supporting trendline, which I was very happy to see. This was a strong buy indicator and a point I was waiting for for ~ 3 months.


Binance Will Support EOS MainNet Token Swap


@josh I hope you stuck to your guts because if you did you’d be ballin’ right now! congrats! now celebrate with this:


Wondering if EOS will break that trend line as the Cloud is bearish


what a beautiful thread


Still holding ur big bag of eos? :money_mouth_face:


How many eos have u stacked? I’m guessing thousands ?:thinking: :+1:t2:


Is there a ICON one?


EOS too strong


I don’t own a huge amount of EOS but +132% and has just surpassed ICX in my portfolio :scream:


200 eos for me :smirk:


Sadly no. I would have if I wasn’t dumb and stuck to my plan. Whilst EOS was > 1$ I DCA’d very poorly as I thought it would keep going down and bottom at 30c and investing would just cause me to lose money short term. I’d say I bought around 1/3 of my EOS at less than a dollar.

I remember a guy shorting 70k EOS coins at 60c and watching it rise to over a dollar then eventually $20. Always makes me feel better personally.


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