Accumulating EOS...have a feeling



yea from 15.20 to 13.78 in an HR…ridiculous swings that just make the market look more illegitimate than anything. some of you ppl can’t sit still thats more than obvious. you see a 20 cent decrease and everyone is smashing the sell button like morons. causing it to only crash even more. probably will go down to 7 dollars in next hr so you can get in more if you want…smh.


Yea man smash that sell button. As i just said…none of you ppl can sit still for more than an hr.


And just continues to swing downwards. In an hr from 15.20 to now 13.20 lmao. If anyone can tell me why you folks are selling when the announcement doesn’t even come out for another 17 hrs? 15% swing in 60 min. holy hell.


weak hands :wink: :smirk:

Thank you v much to the OP!!


I have enjoyed the ride since accumulating at 50 cents. I believe in what EOS can do for this space and it’s one word scalability. If it delivers watch out CRYPTO kitties won’t clog it down :wink:
dan larimer to me is like the Steve jobs in this space where as vitalik is bill gates.
Well see what happens in June but I ain’t jumping off this anytime soon.


I think most in the Pub are Hodlers. No selling anytime soon…


Nice name. Lol. :oncoming_automobile:


When i see 15% swing in literally 60 min that tells me either there are huge institutional investors who are moving the needle, or there are a ton of amateurs who don’t know what a hell they are doing and are selling and buying and probably missing targets. I presume its more of the latter. Think what stock swings 15% in an hr? unheard of.


This is crypto and volatility is the name of the game. This is quite a different beast than the stock market. We are still early so this is normal, so only play with what you can afford to lose.


Would be awesome if boatload of noobs are buying/selling


Really ripping the last few hours. Over $18.


sorry i cant follow you…
I got many eos tokens…
They are on an exchange…
What do i have to do and what happen at june?


Don’t store your tokens on an exchange! At minimum store them on your computer in a Exodus wallet.

You have to register your Etherium based (ERC-20) EOS tokens prior to June 2018 so that you can claim your native EOS once the platform goes live. Click the reddit link and it will guide you. I use Exodus to store my coins, and activated myetherwallet on my chrome browser. You need to download your private Etherium key off Exodus and input that private key into the myetherwallet. You only need to do this once, and future EOS purchases on Exodus will be automatically registered.


so they will switch from eth blockchain to their own right…
yea they are on a marketplace


That’s my understanding, but at minimum register your EOS tokens now so you don’t forget. Check for any updates as their go live date approaches. There should be more information to come.


why then a minimum and not all?
And why iam holding a coin whose not the right one? :frowning:
and arent my tokens on kraken are not already eos tokens? :frowning:


Reason for overnight bump in EOS price?

EOS and just had a meet up in South Korea. This is a must watch. Lots of Korean BBQ for @peter. One thing you must recognize is their team, branding, and advertising is top notch. Hopefully can convince Peter that this is not a scam coin.


  1. Everpedia (1st decentralized encyclopedia on blockchain)- to be built on EOS platform. No ICO, tokens to be airdropped to holders of EOS token.
  2. Robert Jung former CEO of Bithumb joining block one
  3. Announcement of EOS VC. $1 billion raised in ICO to be reinvested in EOS development projects.
  4. 1st VC partner to be announced later this month.



I need more…


Are all EOS coins that I purchase on an exchange, considered to be ERC-20? If yes, how should I register them? I don’t see the reddit link you mentioned???

Thank you.


I would love an answer to the same question DoctorKnow just asked? Is he really holding EOS on kraken or are they all just ERC-20 EOS tokens before they go live??? I don’t understand? I’m new at this.