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it’s going to be a social network and exchange… combined, is one of the more simple ways to approach it. it’ll be the first of its kind… and we hope that folks find it exceedingly useful!

YEN Community Driven Whitepaper

Hey there John. Thanks for your quick response. Are you saying with YEN, I don’t need my coinbase account anymore??? Please advise, thank you.


We are looking into integrations with services like coinbase… so don’t throw it away yet!


Sounds like it’s going to be a well greased machine brother. coinbase needs to go fast.


we’re going to try our best! there’s so much opportunity to do it better!


So will it be something like Blockport?


… unsure as i’m not in the beta for that… but, unlikely.


It will be social, it will be a a dex, it will connect other exchanges to it. Sounds similar


yeah, it does. we’re starting to share screenshots and concept art in Patreon… would love for your thoughts if you have any as we release them.


Not in your patreon group unfortunately


whelp… i tried. :stuck_out_tongue:


Im super interested in this based on what i think it might be. Exciting


The time is now, gotta show up for work!


I’m glad my daughter joined me for this video among the ones she did in Korea. She is a good sport. I hope she can create her own community in YEN.io


Love this yoooooooooo


guys,any idea how to join yen bootcamp or get access to the content?


patreon.com/pub is where to go


Ok so I am not sure I am doing the reply thing correct. but I have some thoughts. I have been watching the B.R.I.C.S. organization develope since 2011. The politics in the U.S. is absolute crap and the wrecking ball has well demolished the house of cards. The U.S. currency is backed by decimal points and these seem to be on auto correct. We all seem to be going somewhere and nowhere and most of the people in the U.S.A. are fed what to think. so much for freedom rofl. You cannot be told what and how to think and be free. Right off the bat I see yen. any care to clue us in?


I think it’s our job to advance and move forward and maybe… we’ll be able to get out from underneat these types of things.


Max Kieser or one of the participants of his show commented a while back that at a certain point countries will be ‘bidding’ for sovereign individuals to come live there for various reasons. Thought it was an interesting perspective.