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Loving the DOGE mining animation at login screen, though! hehehe.

Also, my internet is pretty decent here in Brussels and I have 8gb RAM. Things usually load pretty quickly. Some charts take 10+ seconds to load. Patience is a virtue. I don’t mind so much, but I’m wondering if that is a server sort issue. It loads.


we can probably optimize some of those loads.


10 4, Happy new week to y’all! Thanks for erything


There is something missing in coinpuffs. Is certainly better than coinmarketcap. It depends on what crowd you want to target. If I were you i would build one more professional and appealing for institutions. Just saying.

I dont see Bitcoin Private on the first 50 coins… whats up with that.



thats so cool. :fire:


Hi just stumbled across this place… after poking around, it seems like a a great chart. Will there be a night feature soon though… it’s very bright?

*Sorry if this question has been asked before, or if there is one & I just haven’t found it yet.