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Feedback, suggestions, or issues related to CoinPuffs, a market capitalization service built specifically for our community!


John and I literally built this FOR the cryptonation.

We want to ensure you guys have the BEST tools!


Love coinpuffs. I would like to see a “market” equivalent to coinmarketcap. One other thing I really like about cmc is the links to the offical website of the coin. Youre the man peter, will be supporting you for life in this space. Youve taught me how to fish.


We believe in a Decentralized future. Wouldn’t it make sense to have community built dapps? That’s what we doing here. Living the Decentralized life!


Yes! Maybe a Domiance pie chart? I like to see Btcs % share to see when alt seasons starting/winding down. 2018 is going to be epic.


Some useful features I spent some time searching out and found on separate websites are:

• coin pair comparison – gives me the ability to see the exchange rate between two trading currencies and view its movement history

• check box currency selection – filter out currencies I don’t want to see


Hey guys, some features I’d personally like to see implemented.

  1. An option to load coins based on a given value. For example: load top ‘100’, ‘200’, or ‘all’ coins etc…
    The load more coins button at the bottom is to fussy.

  2. When I arrange the coins based on “price” or “% change” or “market cap”, it seems to arrange the coin list from the entire pool of coins. I’d like it to arrange the coin list based only on what I have loaded on the screen. So, if I have 100 coins loaded I’d like it to sort only those 100.

Keep up the good work!


Thank you for the feedback! We need it!


Just starting out here so coming from ignorance: why are the featured coins… featured? i.e. what criteria?




Hey I am having a prob. with the slider on the top right of the coinpuffs site . Its the one to change the currency you want to view. I changed it to ALL and now I can not get it back to USD because the slider is not working…

any ideas ???


try refreshing your browser, clearing cache.


awwwwwsome clearing the cache worked …


awwwwwwsome clearing the cache worked

                 THANKS John!