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I was just about to post the same thing. The program maybe needs a sticky post with links to all the lessons in order.


Wow! Didn’t realise the amount of information thats goin on in here!


And… it’s all FREE!


I’ve been in crypto for about two months now… Wish I’d seen the b90x program when I started! While binge watching this program, I could totally spot my mistakes! Really informative program, good job Peetah! Even though I am like $300 down, I am still in the game and I won’t fatigue! :grinning:


This seems better than a real workout! Let’s shoot the moon!


Don’t get it there is nothing here apart from comments no link .?.


Go to the main thread.


Could you put a link up for it please ?



Day one has began… The revolution was not televised, it began January, 3 2009!


Alright alright, let’s do thisss


I’m on day 22. Great stuff!


Anyong!! I’m in. BITCOIN READY


Time to get it! Let’s do it! BOOM!


And it starts for me as well. Excited!


Wow! I’m glad I found this community, and this program! It’s like the basic 5x5, lol! Glad I found this before paying for an expensive course that who knows if it will really help someone like me who don’t have tons of money (can’t achieve 1 BTC just by doing DCA, that’s impossible for me) and living in a third world country. :grinning::grin: