A Treatise on Never Selling Your Bitcoin


Nobody knows how yet. But I hear coinbase will be supporting both.

I just hold it in my trezor or ledger. Let the market wobble.


Peter it will never end - I just had to again bring yet another N00B to this Post. (thank you ever so much) So glad you made this site available for people. Yooooooooooooo! :doge: and it’s FREE. :cowboy_hat_face:

I have this confident feeling, I am going to have to bring yet another here and explain at the end of 2018 why the ticket is 1 BTC to the moon :rocket: :boom: :jeans:

It will be well over 10K, and I will still be saying the same thing.


Jenny lets attempt to make all your worry go away. :cowboy_hat_face: Forget the Fork!

YES - 100% Consider the power of "Doing Nothing". Relax and observe - like a science experiment. :thinking:

You are not required to do anything. A Trezor is a great thing. Set it there, and forget it and relax. If you do nothing with your coins you loose nothing in the value of your BTC.

Listen, watch, observe and wait. I say this because if I understand what you are saying & asking is "do I have to do something" when it Forks. You do not. :smile: You could wait 6 months, let the information & your understanding of it become clear and be better informed.

Many new people will potentially "Rush" to market and fall victim to fraud or false advice - risking their precious BTC. Wait, listen and look for clear and sound reasoning, When you are past the FUD & FOMO - feel confident & calm. Then act on the decision you made, and not one goaded, fear-mongered, or scared you to “Jump On”. IMHO :cowboy_hat_face:


Excellent; great clear advice. I very much appreciate it. Thanks so much.


I’ve got my BTC in a Trezor too. I saw on their blog that they had various problems during the bitcoin cash fork, https://blog.trezor.io/bitcoin-cash-bcash-integration-report-review-372f9eefcf09.

What I took away from the post is this; leave your BTC in your Trezor, wait for Trezor to announce support for btc gold / segwit2x, then claim your new coins.

I haven’t been able to find any mention of the upcoming forks, but I believe once they have their solution in place, they’ll announce how to go about claiming the new coins.

Short story long… hodl.




And now $6k broken!! Flippen crazy! When’s the buying opportunities coming again??


Now. It is always a good time to buy.


motivation 101 great to had bump into this channel…


I waited a month after the BCH fork before I split and sold just to se how it would play out, but now I’m like sell all fork shitcoins and buy bitcoin (core bitcoin, no counterfeit)


wont be long and we will be saying buying BTC under 10 grand is a bargain. remember those days when it was only 6 grand? crazy!


Dont know about you guys, but everything I do right now is aiming for 2020 and that next halving. The way I see it, I’m 25. Im either going to be broke, and will need to rebuild or I took a risk and Im set for life. Aim is BTC 50k a coin.


Has anybody seen this video on B2x; Bankers trying to destroy BTC???


REUP this post! We need to band together during moments like these. I exchanged for .01 for $66 of shitty fiat today and felt dirty. I needed a shower.

Just get to one Bitcoin. and HODL. Sell some old shit you don’t need. Mow some lawns. Just get your ticket.

Happy Nov moon boost to all cryptonation! Are we going to see 6700 tonight?

Thanks again to Professor Saddington for the inspiration!


OK then. LETS SEE 6800? It broke 6700 as I typed.


People are accumulating btc for the fork. The time is now.


Even the NO2X’ers are buying.


Peter, I always miss your live show since I’m in CA. Where do you announce your late night shows? Basically, I want to tune in, but don’t know how. Thanks buddy!


same man, i dont have an inheritance coming like my friends that say dont get involved in this ($2400btc+ ago lol) i could spend that money on some dumb stuff or do as i am and buy it then act like that money isn’t there. i dont see bitcoin as a short term savings… i’ll stop buying bitcoin if i need extra cash but i wont sell it to have extra money… pubs taught me well


It’s worth it to stay in the game. I got a grip on my Amazon Prime habit. If I want something really badly, I’ll put it on my list for 30 days. Usually by day 30 I’m no longer interested. BTC gained! Clutter resisted. Life changing.