A Treatise on Never Selling Your Bitcoin


congrats!!! I just got there last week too!!!


Good fun to see what it would take for McAfee’s prediction to come true or develop your own.


That sounds like a great opportunity to establish yourself in your community.


I sold my BTC in the early days, I didn’t want to but at the time and being student I absolutely needed to cash out.

Now I’m investing slowly back into Bitcoin and in a way I’m glad I have to start over. This time have to be more entrepreneurial if I want to succeed. I’m a definite hodler this time too. The way I see it in 20 years Bitcoin will either be the leading crypto, or worst case scenario the second best.


Man 20 years, I can’t even imagine what the price of 1 BTC will be. If we will even be comparing it to any fiat by than either. Everything will probably be compared to BTC by then. Man I wish I had bigger pile I was sitting on but got to be happy with what I got :smiley:


Bad move.
You should have sold your ass.
As long as no one recorded it, and after years of therapy, you would have been fine.


That’s my problem. I got in so late, I can’t afford to buy much of it. At least I am in whole numbers. I’ve got my ticket to ride.


Yeah but therapy sounds expensive


You would have been rich…so you would have been able to cover it!