A Treatise on Never Selling Your Bitcoin


Its not their fault, they made a platform for people to improve their lives, the other stuff is other stuff

I can imagind that a downside is that it detracts traders from traditional markets from engaging in meaningful discussions here. Which can be shame, their experiende is very tangible to crypto and would shortcut people’s learning curves


I’m definitely not interested in attributing blames.
I’m just trying to express some discomfort regarding something I see as fairly paradoxical in the community.
I think it has to do with the fact I see hodlers’ and traders’ interests conflicting somehow.


How many bags are people holding?
The only bags I assume most people are holding are ICX.

This Pub is more about education, encouragement, and personal growth.

We have some strong opinions on coins we believe will be part of the larger future.


That conflict is there, but i think a real hodler, they buy at the bottom, and not at ATH. I think good traders can make good hodlers


I’ve been holding my bitcoin as it is for the last 6 months and ICX since 24th Dec. I’m alright with the stormy sea so far. My top 20 coin rebalancing is in deep shite though :joy:

Now I’m just trying to decide if I should put my money in ICON ICOs or ICX and ETC.


I suppose I see your point.
Traders are gonna trade and we might as well interact with them and benefit from sharing wisdom because holders can benefit from solid T.A. to know when to buy whereas traders can learn about fundamentals about coins and be part of the cryptoeconomy.

I’m not a hater, but I guess you could say I kinda frown upon people participating in making BTC more volatile than it needs to be because I see it as a hindrance to its adoption.

But you kinda made me reconsider, it’s true that people are gonna do what they’re gonna do and we might as well interact and learn from each other regardless of conflicting interests in some aspects.


Man. There are so many of you spamming our boards about it! Amaze!


Buy Bitcoin…


I found Peter about a month ago found him to be honest and had a good vibe crypto seemed like sometihng i can get into . I invested some money and its all been downhill no blame just came late to the party . cant help but wonder if all the patreons and people who got in on the ground floor are laughing at the newbiesgetting in as they roll out with the gainzz


Hodl strong guys come on dont be little bitches. I want to see who will be there in august after one year i had join the pub.


Any speculation when will this dip end?
And any speculations on how low can this go?


Stop Looking at the price


Anyone who took this advice the day you wrote this is up bigly. The people complaining up losing money are people who FOMOed into BTC at an ATH because it was all the rage.

I’m ecstatic I bought my moon ticket in August and I’ve never once looked back. I bought at $3400 right before China Fud crash. If you have BTC bags. Hodl, it will rise.


well if you can let me borrow your time machine id gladly buy buuy buy back in August . too bad for me i did not find this place until peters cnbc story. which i happened to catch the day of or after the lowest low btc has had since the bull run in dec (coincidence?) after petes story bitcoin has been up up up. good for you your ticket to the moon was cheap. so what you sit back and laugh at the people late to the party? I was aware of bitcoin for years just didnt know how to get in on it. now i do and its gonna take more to get my ticket and a lot longer. I saw Pete and believe in the future its just disheartening to hear you Fud/sic newbies like your better because you got in early and dont want anyone else to join the party


I’m not fudding noobs. I’m telling anyone blaming Peter about bag holding to stop. I held through some major corrections after I bought as well. It wasn’t just rainbows and butterflys the whole time. If you are hodling and here for the long haul. This was not addressed to you.

It’s easy to say “You were so lucky you bought earlier” I also held through Major China fud and the near Bcash flippening in early November both were pretty large corrections full of FUD.


True i was there, it was the beginning to me too, huge dips.


the fight between the bear and the bulls is always an interesting one


Im with you on the buying only. I think its the best way to exercise what bitcoin is in spirit, atleast for us 99%'ers.

Anyway, I wanted to ask something about Bitcoin in general. Do you think Satoshi Nakamoto took into consideration market manipulation when he designed Bitcoin? Are the futures really something to worry about? Did bitcoin just infect the crappy monetary system we currently are in?


No sir. Bitcoin will succeed beyond fiat. I think satoshi knew this…


I just got my ticket to the MOON!!!
thanks to ICX gains!
Just making it official. #:btc:HODLlife #:icx::bitrocket: