A Treatise on Never Selling Your Bitcoin



right now crypto and bitcoin is about as exciting as watching paint dry The gains are extremely minimal Got to the point where i stopped following the market altogether


What do u mean the gains are minimal it’s just gone up 100% in two weeks . U could of doubled ur postion and then wait for the entry point again


I bet you tell people to slow down after they crash


Not sure what u mean but 100% in 2 weeks is phenomenal growth. Especially in a bear market


That your captain obvious. Your special power is retro-cognition. If only you could see the future your powers wouldn’t be so useless and condescending


Yeah unless you have a crystal ball or you panic sold and got lucky, HODL is what most people would have done and that’s fine. I wouldn’t go around subtly bragging about doubling positions too loud my friend.


I’m not bragging far from it. The chap said his nano took a dive and he sat there drinking more alcohol. If it’s a alt that has had a 50% increase in day then a major pull back is due. My point being is some times it’s best not to hodl. It’s great if ur are up 5x or 10x but if it’s ur initial investment then it’s a crazy idea. Once I have a nice comfortable profit advantage then I will gladly sit back and hodl


Sorry wrong thread I thought it was the nano thread. I didn’t panic sell and I didn’t double but was quite close.


Billionaires double their position making huge profits Little people such as myself make pennies doubling the way the market is going lately The 1000% gains we experienced at the end of last year was fluke luck my friend Doubt it will happen again


bitcoinnewbie says last years gains were a fluke, quitting crypto now, cya all.


Not a fluke mate it will come again and ur right the billionaires are making a packet and scooping more coins for more manipulation but hey ho all we can do is try


New to the space! and 100% agree with you!


Hello LYeti.

Me too and welcome;) I have been here a few weeks and enjoyed many of Deventralized videos before I joined . I have not got into Ethereum but I have been into Bitcoin for over a year.

See you around.



Bitcoin at 40% domination its beautiful who said bitcoin is dead? hodl and never sell.
Bitcoin is future of money.


In Korea they call hodl johnbul


Thank you Peter! Never selling, HODLING to the moon! You are a true tech and hodler guru for the CryptoNation.


FUD on the BTC Pub? Say it aint so?! LOL HODLING 4L :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I understand the PUB is no monolithic tyranny but it feels weird having a community that’s supposed to revolve around faith in BTC rather than raw speculation discussing whether tether is good to secure your worth whilst BTC is plunging and giving tips on how to buy low and sell high, with T.A. guides and all that.
Part of me loves this place, part of me fears this is a platform for recruiting bag holders (not implying it would be intentional on behalf of John and Peter)


I hope Peter see’s this and replies.