9-11 conspiracy thread



Er… what you said is correct, and that’s all I’m going to say in this thread. I’ve learned long ago that my direct experience building aircraft is no match against hundreds of internet experts with cognitive dissonance screaming “ackshyually…!” That, and I avoid 9-11 threads like the plague.


Are they still withholding all the other camera footage? The supposed 80+ views before and during the crash? At least that would be some concrete data to chew on.

Building 7 was absolutely for sure 100% a controlled, professional demo. That by itself is a place to start “pulling” the thread.


I guess you are wanting something more like this?


this one bugs me the most. we’ll have to wait like 50 years like the JFK files to see anything from that footage i’m guessing.


About one degree cooler than Hell to be precise.


Speaking strictly about this, the government could probably just do what Trump did with the Kennedy Assassination Files. They were released, but he withheld loads of them in order to protect nation security. That reasoning could be used for anything like 9/11 footage, Roswell or anything. Maybe we can just depend on Russia to dive enough into our government’s secrets and we can get all the answers :joy:.

They must be putting Snowden to work over there.


Haha…yeah, I didn’t follow my own advice and sit back and get entertained. Back to the popcorn.


it was brought down with controlled explosives.

no buildings fall down in free fall unless it’s been planned with explosive demolition

thermite debate is a psyop, a operation specifically to psychologically trick people into focusing on something else, in order to disguise the fact that the building was demolished with controlled explosives

the same thing also happened with Building 7. so the whole thing may have simply been to dispose of evidence.


I’m a manufacturing engineer and certified materials scientist.

Just FYI, when no turbines were present at the site of the pentagon crash, the explanation given was that they vaporized upon impact.

The official story is that nickel and titanium alloys vaporized.


I don’t subscribe to all the conspiracies, to pull something like that off requires too many people, and people talk. The numbers don’t work for me. However, there is definitely something amiss with the whole tragedy. Whether its cover ups or turning a blind eye i don’t know.

The buildings acted like huge sponges, it was not like flying into a mountain, a solid object. The thing that gets me is i remember watching live and the reporter was saying there are multiple explosions happening right now (after the planes hit) a fireman even approached her on air and told her to move on and you could hear boom, boom, boom in the background. Try find that footage on youtube anywhere, ive been searching for 17 years.


What’s your reference for the lack of the turbines at the crash site? I’m not sure you’d find discernible shapes of the blades that were turning at 30,000 rpm and then hit concrete at 500mph.


This looks like a fragment of the 757 to my eyes. You can clearly see American’s livery.



Fake news…


In trying to find the source I came across an interesting post on quora (not a reliable source but I’m content), that shows images of the turbine parts.
This of course debunks my previous statement, but I wanted to share
Wreckage photos


That is awesome. Thank you @thinkless


If you’re interested in more detailed stuff, this playlist has a few longer videos.


Oops, forgot this one.


No, Bibi, that’s not what happened… :S


Hadn’t heard about this before, maybe someone can explain how this is possible. I’m at a loss.

Two other interesting videos.

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