55 EMA CrossOver Strategy for finding TOPS of Market / Swing Trading


I have a friend who only does this and I personally learnt this from philakone.

Indicator: 55 EMA Crossover.

Sell if the price drops significantly below the line ( can sometimes go right below it before going back up ).
Keep your positions whilst the price is above the line.

You won’t find exact tops. For example - you would of only sold at ~ $12k USD using this strat. But then again,finding the exact top is pretty much impossible.


Seems to be a good way of determining whether a trend is over or not. Gimme your opinions!


I think Philakone used this 2 years ago. He mainly uses Elliot Waves now. But even back then, he would have used RSI and MACD histogram and sold around 18k, much closer to the top than just relying on the 55 EMA.


I use a shifted ema with candle close, does a better job for me…


Thanks for the info!


Also, Philakone is using 4 EMAs from Fibonachi sequence: 8, 13, 21 and 55. The most important for entry/exit is indeed 55 being above or below the others.

With this approach you know also when to open a short position.

Moreover: high volume should be a confirmation.


If I remembered this, I would’ve sold before my portfolio lost like 70% its value ;c

Funniest thing I see these days is when people still think we’re gonna go back to a bull run sometime soon. There is literally no indication of that happening.


Yep, no signs of a bull run.


could you show a screenshot so i can visualize?


I personally think we are going to go on a bull run, the reason is due to TA of Bitcoin. This includes Alts, because when bitcoin has gone up, historically, the alts have also gone up in value/price.

Here’s My TA of Bitcoin, which I posted in the Pub on Feb. 11th.

it still hasn’t broken my prediction, though it came super close with the RSI.


You might be correct in the short term - I have no idea. Volatility tends to happen as the price declines from an ATH.

I still believe that we are moving in a down trend. Moving day average are probably the strongest indicators of when a trend has ended we have. Considering how we have also just entered a death cross - aint looking good for btc at the moment.

If you’re right and we go to 12-14k, that might change things a lot. I’ll be buying in if price moves past 55 day moving average :stuck_out_tongue:


go over to can bitcoin drop lower you will see my charts the shifted ema is the pink/purple line…




I still think we goin to a new ATH before we actually CROSS the 1D 30% RSI Oversold again. I’m thinking maybe we’ll get a double bottom at $5,873 before we go to new ATH, but I think somewhere aroud 24K and up is what we are looking at within the upcoming 60+ days.


Also simply looking at the MACD, rather than EMA and SMA with standard settings in the 1 Day view, I think things don’t look so bad for bitcoin. But I’m also a total Bull and persistent optimist. :smiley: Also I just realized that this entire post is for 55EMA! So I apologize for bringing in other strategies and taking away from the point of this topic haha


can you elaborate please ?


I have a 5 ema on close. shifted 5 periods on my chart, when i get a break of this line with a candle close. I will enter a trade on the open of the next candle. Pop one on a chart and see how it goes.Obviously I use other indicators along side this, but It works on any time frame and is always on my charts. I trade Ichimoku cloud as my goto indicator and one other momentum indicator,whichever I fancy at the time.Only have free version of Trading View, ATB


OK. the pink line is the 5 ema shifted 5
It helps keep me in a trade to catch big moves
3 hour btc chart…