360 VR Camera - For Free! Please Tell me How You'll Use it!



Dude! come to Spain, I will show you around Alicante


A normal video camera is more than enough to record a meeting. A 360 VR cam is something so unique it really deserves some serious filming people want to and need to see all angles of. IE - dirt bike racing on a frozen lake. fighter pilot videos - or someone making a whole new take on how movies/home videos can be made by an aspiring director, videographer, etc. Im sure you would make great videos - I just cant see why a 360 camera would be necessary. Good luck to you though sir! Much luck and stay frosty :slight_smile:


wow thank you humbled - I did what I did bc I love my country. The people and our freedoms truly mean something after seeing how other people have - Nothing. No rights. Nothing. We are lucky.


Sadly this year the lake only was thick enough for one weekend. If it gets cold and somehow I can get him some new nobbies - no spikes- they are basically sideways the whole time. But I can barely afford his gas. Thankfully I can work on it myself bc he rides it hard lol


I will be using it to make my own decentralized Youtube Videos lol, plus would be real handy blogging my trip to India to meet the Wifey after a whole year


Closing this thread now.

I’ve read all of the comments and y’all made it so hard for me!

I did a random number generator and I came up with 34… which means @Crypto_Karl !!! You get it!

Please DM me and send me your address! I’ll ship it out!