360 VR Camera - For Free! Please Tell me How You'll Use it!



I’d love to have it bc I’ve never owned one. I would use it for everything!!! Most importantly, I’d use it for recording my family gathering, which we have a bunch! On May 5th we having a huge casino style fight night I’d love to record that w that camera !


And I’ll take the sword as well!!! Lmao!


My son takes his 250 out on White Lake in Michigan. They plow a big circle on the ice and race around it. So cool and he would also love to get film of him doing that.


I’d use to be the guy responsible for the filming of our end of year DCA celebration wherever we all decide to travel as a community with our gains. The Bitcoin Pub community members that would not be able to make the trip would be able to live the experience as if they were there. Maybe we could even live stream it! 360 style yo! :confetti_ball:


Whoa! Sounds like a good time, he uses tire spikes I presume? I like to ride in the snow and get squirelly when conditions allow for it… Like tomorrow!

Sometimes I get in deeper than I can handle, but it’s all in good fun.


Ummm. I’d use it in the crypto lounge. And at the bitcoin bar where we will be talking crypto all day and night. Serving coffee and watching peedahs videos !


Um. Being honest, I’d prolly like to see if it works in my GF’s podgee.


I sincerely hope he see’s this and you get it. Thank your serving and being a proud father sir.


Nice. Too bad i have so many cameras already. It will hurt me to take it. Good luck. I hope it gets to a person that uses it with care :grinning:


Hey Peter
I would use this Camera for the Winter Olympics in Korea. I already got tickets to the event! Of course, I’ll pay for shipping if I win!


Dope rocket ship brochachooo thats a classic!


I will also be up in the crypto lounge wit my main man juliooo he coolio, live with the jive jersey brochachoooz!


I would use the camera to destroy the Earth and annihilate all life in the known Universe!

(Hi Peter! Not looking for the camera, just making a drive-by Hi!)


I would use it to record some cool videos when traveling to Europe and national parks. I have not tried 360 cameras before. But used a drone before while in Norway to record some video:)


I would use it to record videos of everything I’m doing crypto and all. Building a cooled and vented mining room, redoing my garage gym, and all the stuff with my family centered around the mining garage gym. Oh and those damn L-sit to handstands I’m trying to nail this year


Yo Peter!

I would use this at our wedding in June and our honeymoooon (I may be selective over what I record :joy: ). It may not be exciting to most but I would be super excited to record big chunks of the day in 360 :smiley: We are doing it in a converted mill up in Derby.

360 wedding party yalllll!

If you are in town you could come hang out and drop it off on the day yourself!!!



whats good dogelord,
i need this camera to catch me a thief lol


Did you use it for thick hoe videos? I’d sell it and buy BTC! Booya


Or give it to my son for skate and butterfly vids. Trying to get him and others interested in crypto to use B90X. Respek


I am travelling the world as a digital nomad and I will start awesome Youtube channel

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