360 VR Camera - For Free! Please Tell me How You'll Use it!



Send sword & camera you will see so cool videos!:sunglasses:


I would blog my 1 million dollar journey


Hey, Peter

Marshall here (FU Man Chu) Still think it would look good. But in all honestly.
I have been planning to start up a youtube channel for over 2 months now.
It would be so great to have a great camera that would produce great quality and have
great functionality. I actually have been looking at a Vuze but cannot afford that quality yet.
Furthermore, I would also use it for my upcoming wedding which would be amazing and so memorable.

Anyway here is hoping.

Stay Thirsty


Hard to beat some of these^^^
I could put it to good use in a few months time when I get my little wedding venue up and running :grin::grin::grin:


Peter- huge fan and thank you for all you do. I am a disabled vet - 3 tours. My 17 yr old son is huge into filming, acting, marching band/jazz band - and is hoping to attend NYU for videography and directing. We live in rural west Michigan - right by lake michigan so the videos would be beautfiul. My son is so talented and I would be the father of the year if I could get this for him. You have taught me so much about crypto. I am sure there will be a lot of great people to give it to - but thank you in advance for your time and consideration Peter. Your a great resource for us folks looking to get into this crypto thing. Cheers Peter and thank you for doing this. Regardless - congrats to whoever wins!

-Randy Artibee aka "Cryto Karl"


If I had one i would give it to you. Congrats to your son on a fantastic school.


I think somebody else could use the camera more than me, but if you decide to give away the sword I’d be glad to take it…I have a viking battle axe already and it would be nice to have a sword to go along with it.


I’ll strap it to my head and go snowboarding if you get it here by the end of winter :wink:


Honestly the reason I want it is to start my youtube channel. My goal is to make a blend of crypto education. Basically teach others how to research etc and educate the mass. would also like to record my pets. Here is a pic of my pup


I would use it for snowboarding yo!


Heck yeah!!! Where do you live/ride?


That is very kind of you to say. Thank you. He is such a great kid. His dedication to acting and filming is inspiring to me. I just wish I could provide him something better than just the trumpet I barely was able to get from a pawn show so he could be in the marching and jazz band for high school. they dont give disabled vets much in the US…and I cant really work full time…


Would figure out better ways to use it as I learn to use it. I would first attach it to my dirtbike and record rides through the backcountry, and then put it to use later on in flight lessons.


Just let me have it…lol…
I’m sure I’ll use it for something creative …


Big Bear and Mammoth Mt. You?


If i did track days regularly enough I would volunteer but as I’m busy as f*!k earning badges on the Pub I would love to see a regular tear it up on a track with a 360 camera.


I will travel to Portugal – which is perhaps the most beautiful place in the world and shoot and upload stuff for free on YouTube and/or Vimeo.

​I’d (also) love to have your sword for my protection, to protect the camera and other stuff, and for sword practice. :grinning: If you can’t / won’t send the sword – I reckon you most prolly won’t send both to one person – I’ll assure you I’m cool with my machete even though my appearance usually is enough to for most people to think twice before trying to do anything …

At the moment I only have shitty cameras on my old macbook and old phones; I’m kinda broke; without a job (no slave – bro, you know the deal); not even thinking of dating… :laughing:

My Sucka-ass Slave Number is 134006379.

Or maybe a bit, like with your idea to look like Pai Mei one day. So, I’'ll DM you my address – see you later this year perhaps in Europe :wink:

I wondered if y’all like clones tbh… You, your “brother”, this guy… :thinking: [X-Files tune]


Sweet right down the road! Im in South Lake Tahoe!!! Hit me up if you come up here to ride!


I know you young fellas love some of that sweet 360 degree action, but whenever I try to watch it my brain explodes just a little bit and I feel sick and have to lie down. :exploding_head:

If you send that thing to me I will throw it into the sea.



Stay frosty my friends :o)