360 VR Camera - For Free! Please Tell me How You'll Use it!



As seen on…

Vuze 360 camera. Let me know!


bitnative needs it!!


recording thick latinas


I’d honestly just sell it to buy moar BTC :money_mouth_face:


My son has been wanting one of these. It would be cool if we could roll around in our beeter “civic” and do some 360 vlogs as a father and son. Would be cool.


100% ill use it for racing!!

this is what i video with Gopro’s ( thats me driving ) though its a pain because we miss things beside and behind us all the time

ill pay for freight though cause im in Australia


Hey, peter!
I’m starting to shoot video of restoring my sail boat, and that thing would be sick for shooting video when it’s up and sailing!


Our son JP is creating trick shots videos. He would like to try it.


i will film all around me, lol …
nevermind, someone here may have a better use for it, good luck guys ^^


i will film myself watching every decentralized tv videos?


I want to mount it in my unmarked SRT8. But the smart thing to do is sell it for BTC.


I hold crypto meetups in springfield mo that is only education based and would love to record I even made the paper from mygroup and have had 82 people join we are taking off so fast and this would help man


I think this is a good time to introduce my pornography idea


I am a Space Engineer and designing a weather balloon to go into the stratosphere here at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor!

We plan to launch this toward the end of February. Would be amazing to capture the entire journey from launch to return in 360. :wink:


Yo yo… cuz I’m a broke ninja and I skateboard and that would be perfect


I live in Alaska and will post some beautiful vids of my state! I work up on the coast of the Arctic Ocean and live in southeast Alaska.



 I have always been interested in videography. Currently I am 
working on w/a startup Desert Passion. Our mission is building a community 
that will change competitive industry to a cohesive one. Desert Passion was 
founded with the intention of bringing the world of photography into the hands 
of anyone who wants to learn. All workshops are taught by local photographers 
looking to inspire others. 

I will use it to record our events, meetups, and classes
to create online content for our business! 



    PHOENIX! Come Play, Network, and Learn.


Would film me and my friends going to the moon on a festival in germany :rocket::rocket::rocket:


Hi petaaah, i will use it to make videos about crypto on youtube.

This is my youtube channel :


Would love to broadcast my praise and worship events with it. You got a good heart. Thanks.