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Daily Exercise Thread — :muscle:

I exercise every single day… and it’s one of the most important things that I do! Stay healthy cryptonation!! We need to make sure we build the spaceship and get to the moon! [image]

3430 October 18, 2019
What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?

I’m working on The Pub in one of the very few Barnes and Nobles near the San Francisco airport… grinding on the business model and other technical debt… [IMG_1036] [IMG_1038] Your turn…!!

4937 October 1, 2019
Welcome to Water Cooler 242 July 23, 2019
Vitalik is dancing Challenge!

Ok Yenizens and pubbers! Dogelord wants his scalps… I mean videos… so here is a challenge so you can make one and post it here. Thank you @Mckenzie_Camilus for rocking it out on stream today.

31 December 4, 2018
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