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A Treatise on Never Selling Your Bitcoin ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 ) [BITCOIN] (256)

I love my cryptonation. So much so, you need to hear it from me. And, I don’t mind reminding all of you from time to time. Do. Not. Sell. Your. Bitcoin. You only BUY. We only look for solid entry points even if it is …

One of the best all inclusive bitcoin discussions ever [BITCOIN] (12)

Transcript below in the threads:

[WIP] - EPIC Bitcoin Resource List! :rocket: :bomb: :fire: ( 2 3 4 ) [BITCOIN] (76)

Welcome to The Bitcoin Pub’s EPIC Bitcoin Resource Repository. This list will serve as the go-to list for ALL things Bitcoin! In order to ensure that we have high quality links with the most value for the community, all …

BTC (Bitcoin) Halving in 2020 Price Prediction Poll ( 2 3 4 ) [BITCOIN] (77)

Halving is ahead of us. Looking at the historical halving(the first halving that occured in November 2012, the price of bitcoin gained X20! in a few months just before 2013. My prediction is that the price of BTC will …

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